This year my challenge is simply to READ MY DRESSER.  As you can tell by the pictures above, my dresser, which stores my “to-read” books has gone forth, been fruitful and multiplied.

It is becoming a bit of problem.  That is right!  I am acknowledging and naming here and now that I have a book buying habit that if not soon quelled, I will literally be drowning in books.  I won’t lie, there are worse ways to go.  Death by book might actually become my new dream death, but for now, at this moment in time, I humbly admit I have a problem and I might need help.

So…to begin the process, Leonel and I have affectionately dubbed my 2019 book goal #thedresserchallenge or in lay terms, “Hannah read your freakin’ books!”…challenge.  But of course #thedresserchallenge comes with some rules and guidelines.  Here they are:

  1. No purchasing flesh and bone books. I may borrow books, use the library that is two blocks from my front door or even read the ones stacked under my bed, but I am not allowed to purchase flesh and blood books in 2019, for myself, children, family or friends unless it is as a birthday, baptism or Christmas gift.  I have so far made it 20 days and though it feels weird, I seem to be doing okay.  (For those wondering, this does include books for work too, unless required for some reason.  The stack of “to read” at the office is just as large, if not larger than my dresser).
  2. Exceptions to rule #1: gift cards.  Need I say more?                                Okay, I will.  People know me. I’m an open book (ha, ha…see what I did there 😉 …okay, letting it go) So, I was once again blessed through the generosity and goodwill of others in the form of book store gift cards this holiday season.  These gifts, so beautifully given and humbly received, will serve as my “free passes” for 2019.  Barnes and Nobles is calling and I officially have $75 for 365 days of answering that call.
  3. I will have 12 credits on Audible to purchase audio book throughout the year.  I will of course also have access to the 12 books Leonel purchases, so that is 24 books I don’t have now.
  4. For Kindle I am going with “not purchasing.”  If something comes up for free for Prime Members I might add to my library, but I think FREE will be my limit in 2019 for Kindle.

So just a couple of rules, a few guidelines to help me navigate a year without purchasing books.  We’ll see how it goes…and perhaps I’ll even get to Marie Kondo’s ideal of keeping less than 30 books….

….on my dresser.  Happy reading!

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