How the War Began…

January 2017: Hannah makes a reading goal of 52 books this year.   

Christmas 2017: Hannah tells Haddi she has 54 books read, Haddi (as any self-respecting big sister would) counts her books…she comes in at 44. 

December 28, 2017: Haddi declares war on Hannah for 2018 and Hannah responds, “let’s blog about that!”  The Book War begins…

General Haddi

I was born and raised in Iowa and will always consider the Midwest ‘home,’ but I and my husband have lived on the east coast since 2005. Currently, we live just north of Philadelphia and I teach Theology to undergraduates, online  at St. Catherine University in Minneapolis, MN. My primary areas of interest/expertise are ancient history, religious history, theology, and ethics.

There are days that I like to think my literary aspirations are wide ranging, but then I take a look at my Kindle list or a book shelf in my library and I realize I have a tendency to read the same thing over and over again. My ‘fun reading’ is almost always either historical fiction (usually from a woman’s perspective) or mystery/detective novels. My ‘smart reading’ is ancient history (oftentimes Egyptian or Roman), theology, and more recently, environmental and social justice. I also enjoy the ‘classics’ but honestly, there are so many I feel like it would take a lifetime to even make a dent.

General Hannah

I am a 40-something born and raise by a bibliomanic….for real. Dad just self-diagnosed one day and was ecstatic to finally have a word for his condition.  It’s been freeing for us all.  I love to read, to learn, to stretch beyond my current understanding of the world.

I’m a full-time wife and mother of twin boys, a part-time pastor and a life long self-reflector and challenger.  My reading interests are eclectic ranging from poetry to comic books, memoir to political research.  I’ll read anything once…but my heart and soul belongs to science fiction/fantasy and in particular those of the young adult lit variety. 

Reading is my hobby and buying books is my passion. I try to use my money for good in purchasing diverse, marginalized authors from local and independently owned book sellers. Welcome to our blog and I hope you enjoy the ride!