You Read You!

I can no longer hide from myself, I am ready to own this truth…I am a literary snob.  Now most likely you all already knew this.  But I have rebuffed the term “literary snob” for years!  Thinking, “No, not me! I read all types of books, from a plethora of genres and I enjoy a good pulp fiction from time to time!”

Yeah, it was like the evidence was right in front of me the whole time…and I just couldn’t see it.

I was finally able to see my literary snobbery this month as one night I was perusing Pinterest cuddled up in bed, but not quite ready to fall asleep and I started scrolling past all the book bloggers and their “books every woman should read” and “recommendations from 2018 for 2019 reading.”  As I pulled up these lists, two things crossed my mind:
1) those books for “all women” are all by WHITE women.  People do know ALL women aren’t white, right?
2) Is that Jodi Picoult?!?!?! Of all the books to add to a “must-read list,” why Jodi Picoult?!?!

It was in this moment I realized, for the very first time in my 37  years, I AM a literary snob.

Now, to be fair to Jodi Picoult, she writes some interesting stuff, tackling subjects that other popular writers wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole and for that I give her kudos and credit.  I have read, either because they were gifted me or recommended, three of her books.  They aren’t bad.  They also aren’t books I would include on a “must-read” or “every woman should read” list.

What made my “snobbery” even more stark, in the Pinterest moment, is that most of January I’ve been reading what I call “contemporary pulp fiction.”  Books written for a wide audiences; fun, fit a form and deliver on expectations (usually).  So put another way, RomCom’s in book form, or your grocery store reads.  This month I’ve read:

None of these books are going to win major awards and all of them have been packaged for popular consumption and let me tell you, I have enjoyed Every. Single. One.

Reading doesn’t have to be about the hard stuff. The books that push us, stretch us, make us uncomfortable.  Personally, I often choose those books because that’s what I enjoy.  I’m always wanting to stretch beyond myself and my limited experiences and books are one way I can, from the comfort of my reading chair.  But that’s not true for everyone.  Our personal motivations for reading are entirely unique.

So, you read you, judgement free!

Now, if you tell me about what you’re reading, this literary snob (see owning it) WILL have an opinion. Of that I am certain.  But never let that phase you.  You read you!

Happy reading everyone!

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