Goals? What goals?

Wait a minute, did I even write a blog about my goals last year? I can’t find it if I did. But honestly, I’m not even sure I wrote any formal goals, I think I said something about buying Kindle books rather than paper books since I had just finished a HUGE house purge and did not want to just fill the house with ‘stuff’ again. I may have also mentioned some vague idea of trying new genres and of course, trying to keep up with Hannah in the Book War but other than that I don’t have a clue if I made any other ‘reading goals’ for 2018.

But of the goals I can remember, I’d say I did pretty well. Of course, I do not hold myself to the extremely high standard that Hannah’s holds for herself since I figure I succeeded if I attempted to accomplish the goal, not necessarily if I upheld the goal 100% of the time and I most certainly attempted to accomplish my goals so I’m calling 2018 a SUCCESS!! I only purchased two books for myself that were not digital (excluding the myriad of books I purchased for the classes I teach since I need the hard copy of those books, granted there were quite a few but honestly, who’s counting?!) Thus, the Kindle experiment was a success! Oh, and my old Kindle died so I bought the newest one in November and I am loving it so the Kindle reading will continue this year, for sure! (More on the switch to Kindle reading in a later blog post.)

I also tried a few new genres. George introduced me to some fantasy literature that I had not read, and I would say it was enjoyable to read so that’s a win. I also tried Manga, which I had mixed feelings about but everyone I know who reads Manga said the one I read was not the best so I may have to give that another try sometime this year. I didn’t get to read a graphic novel so I think I’ll put that on my list for this year, gotta keep expanding, right?! I also read a sports memoir which I was glad to read but remembered why I basically hate sports culture so probably will avoid that particular genre this coming year…it just makes me angry. Therefore, I’m going to call my goal to try new literary genres a win as well…I’m pretty awesome as meeting my goals, huh?!

And of course, the ultimate goal of keeping up with Hannah in The Book War…basically owned that one! So I’m calling The Book War of 2018 a complete and utter victory for ME!!! Now I just have to come up with a strategy for victory in 2019…won’t be easy since Hannah now realizes she should not underestimate me. I was definitely the underdog last year but Hannah won’t fall for that one twice. Next up: goals for 2019, the switch from paper books to digital books, and The Great Lecture Series.

Read on my friends.

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