Book Review: Spoiler Alert

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) – It’s Okay

When the world is getting you down and you just need a break in the gray skies of spring in Minnesota, a little romance goes a long way and Olivia Dade’s “Spoiler Alert” brought just the right amount of joy and sunlight.

The context of “Spoiler Alert” is an enduring one that isn’t often explored in mainstream romance novels and I applaud Dade for venturing into the world of epic “nerd” fandom, fanfic and cosplay.  Dade weaves the lifestyle masterfully into the romance narrative so that even this reader who has only ever skirted the edges of the community, could join in the fun, joy and fellowship that is fandom in all its glory.  

Though it’s a core context for this love story, fandom does not overshadow or override the physical attraction nor the inner turmoil of our main characters Marcus and April.  In various stages of self-acceptance these two push and pull each other and Dade masterfully maneuvers their inner wrestlings and external pressures to create believable tension and conflict.  Dade doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations between her characters nor with her audience as she explores issues such as learning disability stigma, fat-shaming and the emotional costs of social media.

Hollywood and the television industry isn’t an environment I am drawn towards in my romance novels but Dade makes it believable and enjoyable while pushing the stereotypes and consequences of life in the limelight. If you enjoy the Hollywood angle you will appreciate this love story and the endearing and complex characters Dade has crafted.

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