Book Review: Unbossed

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) – It’s Okay

You can barely go a day without hearing someone say, if only the news reported the good things that are happening in our world. I have been guilty of it myself but I have learned through the years that though it takes a bit of digging out of the mainline media outlets, you can find people excavating and sharing the stories of the incredible humans and their incredible work in a broken world.

Khristi Lauren Adams, in her book “Unbossed: How Black Girls are Leading the Way,” shines the spotlight on eight young black women and the leadership they are inhabiting to effect real and sustainable change right now.  Adams offers the reader not only a window and insight to the lives of these young women, but she offers portraits of their leadership styles both from historical figures as well as contemporary leadership scholarship.  “Unbossed” provides sparks of hope for the present and future while allowing all of us to acknowledge we have something to learn from these girls, not simply to admire them.

There is a technicality to Adams’ writing that didn’t fully draw me in as a reader, but I also think that style would serve many younger readers extremely well offering clear and concise language in which to test themselves and their own ways of being leaders in the world.  I find that a more metaphorical and poetical writing style tends to resonate more deeply with me as a reader.  Regardless of style preferences, Adams’ work is the voice of “good news” many are longing for and I would encourage anyone who has found themselves saying such words to pick this book up and hear the incredible news of young women changing this world, right now. 

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