2020 Under Way

2020 reading has begun and it started with a bang of a book called Holy Hannah which seriously is such great fun I couldn’t resist (thank you Amy Jo for purchasing this well titled book for me this Christmas).

And guess what? It’s about a cult. I just couldn’t resist and my favorite page?…

“Like heartburn?” LOL, crying I am laughing so hard because honestly, being in relationship with God is EXACTLY like heartburn sometimes. It’s funny because it’s true!

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Sigh…now I did find the entire graphic novel an interesting commentary on the social behaviors of contemporary humanity and how “belonging” has shifted to a place of dramatic connection such as cults.  It was a good read.

So with that first book under my belt (and actually I have also finished rereading The Martian by Andy Weir as I write this as well), 2020 has begun.

I set the goal to read 100 books this year, but that didn’t seem like enough.  As in, not enough direction to help me wade through another year of reading.  I hope to continue reading the books I have IN MY HOUSE, but let’s all be honest that won’t last and for those of you keeping track, no, I did not meet my goal of not buying books in 2019.  I did awesome until I went on silent retreat with my Dad and we stopped at a used book store…and then went to England, with my Dad, and stopped at many many used book stores both in Philly and in Canterbury.  So no, I didn’t do awesome in not buying books, but I did okay.  I bought a LOT LESS than I normally do, so I’ll take that as a win.

So, in 2020 I would again like to continue cutting down on my book purchasing and along with reading 100 books (we will see…) I think I want to read Goodreads Best Books of 2019.   There are 20 categories and books all together and instead of purchasing all those books I think I am going to challenge myself to borrow them.  So that might look like going to the library or finding someone who has the book.  We will see how I do!

With 100 books to try and read I might look at a couple additional lists and see what I come up with and let you know.  I feel like to actually make 100 happen I need a bit of plan I can modify and/or ignore when the occasion calls for it. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress to simply make a plan (insert eye roll here).  Bottom line, I am looking forward to another year of books books books!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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