A Little Direction Never Hurts

As we embark on The Book War 2020, I am feeling that I could use a little direction in my reading. There are so many great books out there it can feel overwhelming (even to a person who read 80+ books last year) and difficult to navigate. So this year I am taking a little guidance from Book Bub book lists. Over the past few months I have accumulated quite a few book lists on Instagram and I’ve been wanting to actually start reading the books on the lists. So, I have chosen two distinct book lists that I will be working from when choosing my reading material in 2020.

The first list is ‘Around the World in 80 Books: A Global Reading List.’ This list contains books written by authors from 80 different countries and from what I can tell, I believe the vast majority are fiction but I’m not certain about that and some are most likely based on real-life events even if they are fictionalized versions of those events. The other list is ‘100 Classics Everyone Should Read.’ To be honest, I have read quite a few of these books already but I wanted to work on those classics that I still haven’t managed to get to and having a list makes that a little easier for me.

While I am super excited to tackle these book lists I didn’t want the lists to completely decide what I’m reading this year. So, I’ve also decided that each month of 2020 I will read a biography of an interesting woman from history. If you’ve ever seen book lists of biographies you know that the VAST majority of the recommended biographies are of men, and while I have to admit there are some interesting men throughout history, they have had their turn. I’m interested in reading about the women who did amazing things (oftentimes, receiving no credit) that changed the way we perceive, understand, and interact with our world. This is a journey I am super excited to embark on and share with The Book War readers!

In case you are wondering here’s what I’m reading now: “Around the World…”: Ten Women by Marcela Serrano (Chili); “100 Classics”: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott; Biography: Joan of Kent: The First Princess of Wales by Penny Lawne.

Read on my friends!

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