Concession Speech

Well, it was a hard fought battle and after Hannah finished three books in less than two days and mysteriously found another book that she read (because that’s not sketchy..or sad…at all) in order to beat her sister, I willingly concede that it’s clear Hannah would have been absolutely devastated if I had beat her two years in a row, so it’s probably a good thing she ‘won.’ At least I saved you all from having to listen to her complaining about how I cheated (a.k.a. I read more books than she did) for another year. You are all most welcome.

To be honest, I was super impressed with my reading over the past year. I averaged nearly 7 books per month and not only did I expand into Audible but I learned to embrace it as well. This year I am thinking I’d like to venture into reading global literature and work on some of those classics that supposedly ‘everyone’ has read, but in reality only literature majors ever read. I realize Hannah has announced her goal of reading 100 books, and while that is certainly an honorable goal, I find myself thinking that if I’m going to venture into new kinds of literature I should probably allow myself to absorb the material in a way that if I’m preoccupied with the number of books, I may not be able to do. So, while I will certainly endeavor to keep pace with Hannah (don’t want to embarrass myself after all) if I read 75-100 books over 2020, I’ll be calling that a ‘win!’ I have no doubt that Hannah will say I’m simply making excuses for why I’m going to lose, and that’s fine. She can do her ‘thing,’ it just won’t affect my ‘thing.’

So farewell to The Book War 2019 and welcome the battle of 2020! Happy New Year!

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