Why are we talking about gym class?

You know how back in middle school gym class there was that one kid who tried really hard but no matter how hard she/he tried they couldn’t quite keep up with the other kids? I always felt so bad for that kid…sometimes I’d even slow down myself just so that kid wasn’t left all on her/his own. I guess that’s what I’m going to have to do for Hannah as well since she can’t seem to keep up ‘the good ‘ol fashion way.’

While I must commend Hannah for reading multiple genres of literature, her latest “Breaking News! I’mΒ  beating Haddi post” poses a most serious question in our little Book War, does a 75 page poetry book with approx. 17 words per page count for the same as an epic novel of 500+ pages? Really? Really, really!?

So perhaps, before Hannah breaks her arm giving herself a big pat on the back for taking the lead in The Book War, we should ask the question, how many pages have you actually read? My last five books added up to nearly 2000 pages, 1923 to be exact, wonder what the page count looks like on those tiny little poetry books? πŸ˜‰

While I may have to slow down for the slow kid in gym class (Hannah) you all most certainly do not! Keep reading whatever you want at whatever pace you want!

Read on my friends!