Who the hell are we & why the hell are we doing this?

I want to write. I’ve been wanting to write and I want to write about what I love.  But seriously, in this day and age, how do I do that without getting ‘to big for my britches’ and simply adding to the noise?

I ask my sister to write with me 😉

Haddi threw down this Book War after Christmas and I said, “YES! And let’s blog about it!”  Cause, ain’t nobody gonna keep me humble like my big sister…but just for the record I may be the little sister here but I already won Battle of 2017 so that means the score is Hannah -1, Haddi -0. Yep, we ARE keeping score.

So…Who the hell are we?

We’re 30-something sisters born and raise by a bibliomanic….for real. Dad just self-diagnosed the other day and was ecstatic to finally have a word for his condition.  It’s been freeing for us all.

We love to read, to learn, to stretch beyond ourselves so we decided to take it public….you’re welcome world…you’re welcome.

I’m a full-time wife and mother of 3-year old twin boys, a part-time pastor and a life long self-reflector and challenger.  My reading interests are eclectic ranging from poetry to comic books, memoir to political research.  I’ll read anything once…but my heart and soul belongs to science fiction/fantasy and in particular those of the young adult lit variety.  Say what you will but I find that YA dives just as deep with a whole lot less words and I just think that’s good writing 😉

So…Why the hell are we doing this?

We’re doing this because we can and we think it will be fun, funny and hopefully entertaining and informative.  We’re inviting you into our little reading nook of crazy and if you chose to witness this year’s war we hope you’ll laugh, cry (cause I’m gonna try to make you cry at least once) and come out ready to challenge yourself with a book you might not have ever picked up otherwise.

Oh…and for the bragging rights.  ALL THE BRAGGING RIGHTS and for the record, I will be winning Battle 2018 too!