We’re All Tied Up ;)

So I’ve been a little quite on the blog front and for that I apologize.  I have a million ideas in my head, but alas haven’t found the time, energy or inclination to actually sit down and write them out…sooooooo, sorry about that.  And if I’m honest life isn’t going to lighten up anytime soon, so keep your expectations low folks.

As I look at my summer schedule, I am away at least one week every month and when I say away, I mean away away….silent retreat, family camp, Canterbury England….so I’m just going to honest, you might not hear a ton from me but then again…you never know.  I might get a bee in this bonnet of mine and write up a storm all summer long. Life is full of surprises.

There is no doubt that a crazy schedule eats into my writing time or what I would call my creative outlet (you all are the judge of said ‘creativity’, but please keep your judgements to yourself) but thankfully it doesn’t cut that much into my reading time; as evidenced by the fact that Haddi and I are all tied up presently at 29 books each!

Even at my busiest, as writing, journaling and creativity wain, reading remains.  To be fair, the books shift.  I load up on fiction at every opportunity and particularly fantasy, escape the reality of my life kind of fiction.  It feeds my soul people. Feeds. My. Soul.

So as this summer progresses I have no idea how often I might find myself writing, but know this, I continue to read! I read for pleasure, pure and simple. Trying to take Haddi down is just a delightful fringe benefit ;).

Happy reading to you all and check out my many reviews of books with no corresponding blogs to speak of on the Book War FB page…