The Final Push!

The end of year two of The Book War is near! As you may recall, I won The Book War 2018 having read 70 books to Hannah’s 65. This year we are both on pace to read 80+ books and only time will tell who will emerge the victor on January 1, 2020!

Some of you may remember that Hannah complained about me cheating last year because I did not update my book list in December (it’s not like I was busy grading three classes worth of papers, submitting grades before Christmas, holiday parties, gift buying, and driving halfway across the country to be with family for the holidays or anything…) anyway, to save us all having to listen to that again, I have updated my book list as of today, December 12! We are currently neck and neck: Haddi: 77 Hannah: 76 (not sure when she updated her list last.)

This is officially the ‘final push’ to read, read, read (at the busiest time of year, no less) in order to be crowned the winner of The Book War 2019! It’s on!

Read on my friends!