The End is Near

Well Book War readers, another year and another battle is about to end. I have updated my books one more time before the end of the year though I have 3 additional books I’m currently reading and could potentially get finished tomorrow…though that is unlikely as my children are around for the time being.

I am currently up 81 to Haddi’s 77, but I am not holding my breath I am gonna hold her off as she still hasn’t updated her December reading yet ;).  But I suppose I have to cut her some slack since she has been traveling much of December.

Regardless of who wins this years battle, as the end draws near I find myself reflecting on the holidays and the books that have been given to me and those in the The Book War.  As many of you know my birthday is the 23rd, so I get many a book for both my birthday and Christmas and below is my holiday haul.  I am currently reading Children of Virtue and Vengeance and loving it.  I am looking forward to all the other books and am grateful for the many B&N gift cards from this year too.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have Harry Potter but thankfully my nemesis, Haddi herself, rectified that situation.

But the question remains, “what books did you all receive over the holidays or are just excited to read in 2020?”

Happy reading everyone!