The Dead Key

As Hannah (or anyone who has known me for very long) can tell you, I have a tendency to have extremely high expectations for just about everything (and everyone) which inevitably leads to disappointment. You might think that after 37+ years of being disappointed I would learn to lower my expectations but I must have some sort of personality flaw that prevents me from being anything but extremely optimistic…it’s a problem.

So as you can imagine, I started listening to The Dead Key by D.M. Pulley expecting an interesting mystery story which would keep me enthralled for 20+ hours. I had just finished reading a number of mystery books that took place in the late 19th century and early 20th, so I was looking forward to a more modern mystery. Sadly, I was disappointed for a number of reasons…

1.) I don’t enjoy listening to books as much as I thought I would. 🙁

2.) Because of the nature of the crime/mystery (corporate financial fraud) there was quite a bit of jargon used that honestly, meant nothing to me which made it difficult to fully comprehend the nature of the crime. This was extremely disappointing after devoting 20+ hours to listening to the story in order to  find out ‘what happened’ and ‘who dun it.’

3.) While it was refreshing to have two female protagonists (one of the reasons I chose this book in the first place), both characters fell into contemporary stereotypes of women. One was meek, mild, and shy, the other the epitome of a ‘hot mess.’

So far I am not having the best luck with audible books. I’ll probably take a break from them for a little while and perhaps try again later, who knows?! However…I would also say, that I know tons of people who LOVE audible books so if you haven’t tried them I would definitely recommend giving them a chance, you may find your new favorite way to ‘read!’

Read on my friends!