Review: Come As You Are

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) – Completes Me!

It may be cheeky but “Completes Me!” is entirely appropriate for both what this book is about and my experience reading it.

I picked up Emily Nagoski, PhD’s book “Come As You Are” on the recommendation of adrienne maree brown as a follow up to her book “Pleasure Activism.”  Though it sat on my shelf for months, once I started reading I was hooked both by Nagoski’s wit and content. 

In “Come As You Are,” Nagoski deconstructs the long ingrained narratives about female pleasure and sexuality offered to westernized American women particularly through the use of science, research and anecdotal stories.  There is a deconstruction of preconceived “norms” offered to women about our bodies, what pleasure should look and feel like and particularly for heteronormative women how it has been so tightly woven into the male partner’s pleasure first and foremost. This book is a ride into those gritty places of sex, self-worth, pleasure and relearning accurate stories that place yourself as both the norm and at the center of your pleasure. 

Nagoski makes accessible the intertwining of physical, emotional and spiritual health of pleasure for women and provides a solid foundation for the new season of life, love and pleasure.  Nagoski offers women freedom from patriarchal tropes and fantasies and permission to narrate and find pleasure in the ways that are natural and right for the individual.  This book is not fluff, but a heavily researched understanding that allows for the diversity of humanity.  No matter where you are on your pleasure journey I imagine this book would provide some new insight and foundational information for growth and healthy evolution.

Happy Reading!

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