Mexican Gothic

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Mexican Gothic – Silvia Moreno-Garcia

This time of year (Sept-Nov) I love picking up some spooky, Gothic literature to get me in the mood for fall, and this book certainly fit-the-bill!! Moreno-Garcia utilizes the traditional Gothic theme of a ‘spooky’ house with a personality all it’s own to make this dark story, which takes place in an isolated mansion in the mountains, even more spooky and haunting.

After receiving an odd letter from her recently married cousin, Noemi, travels to High Place where her cousin now lives to check-in on her and make sure nothing is amiss. However, once she arrives it becomes clear that there certainly are strange happenings in this isolated mansion many of which she cannot explain. Noemi attempts to recruit members of the local town to help her discover the cause of her cousins strange behavior as well as the mysterious occurrences at High Place, however, the family members living at High Place quickly attempt to put an end to her investigations and limit her access to her cousin and any possible allies from the nearby town.   

As the story continues, Noemi realizes that it’s not only the people living in High Place that are hindering her ability to discover the truth but the house itself is working against her too. Moreno-Garcia weaves a creepy and haunting narrative with a few surprise elements which make reading this Gothic novel a real treat! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and highly recommend you read it if you love Gothic literature, classic and/or modern, as Moreno-Garcia combines elements from both for an interesting and classic tale. 

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