Death’s End by Cixin Liu

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) – It’s Okay

I was in the bookstore the other day and saw for the first time “The Three Body Problem” trilogy by Cixin Liu in print.  I was in the midst of the final book, “Death’s End” and I realized why I had been feeling a little lost, the third book is about three times the size as the first. Whew! Sometimes series get better with each book, others just get longer and some peter out a bit. For me, “Death’s End” got real long and then sorta petered out.

With that said, there were some beautiful moments and Liu is spanning an enormous, and when I say enormous, I mean ENORMOUS time span in this book and weaving characters and story in and out while still providing some deep math, science and astrophysics along the way.  Due to the scope, the main thread was tougher to follow, even though I would argue this book maintains a main character story arch. So much goes on in between that character’s story I couldn’t connect as I had in the previous novels. 

This final book was just a bit more than I was wanting to chew and that’s okay. I absolutely adored the first two books and I might even read them again in the coming years. I won’t commit myself to this third one again though.  I continue to highly recommend the series for the science fiction lovers out there and if you feel satisfied at the end of the second, maybe give a pass on number three. 

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