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As the temperature drops and the snow flies it is time for holiday shopping! I adore purchasing books as gifts and try hard to find a book the recipient will truly enjoy if they give it a chance.Β 

To help all our readers to with their holiday shopping, Haddi and I have put together a book gifting guide to help you narrow down the options for your just about anyone on your list. We believe the books below will appeal to a wide range of readers and might just be someone’s new favorite book.

And remember, if you are thinking about buying some books as gifts, frequent your local bookstore and/or purchase used. Both are great ways to support small businesses and reuse resources.

Now, to the books!

For Reluctant Readers

This graphic novel is wordless! It is an intimate portrait of a journey to new places through beautiful art. A book for all ages.
A delightful, feel good story that can be enjoyed by all. Read aloud as a family or give to that hard to shop for person on your list.
A set of short letters that can be read in spurts or all together. Funny, educational and full of scientific snark.

For Lifelong Learners

A great choice for any book lover. A telling of the short and long term effects of the 1986 LA Public Library fire.
An incredible narrative of the power and influence this singular woman had on the trajectory of world history.
Here’s a great pick for the history buff on your list. All the details of one man’s humanity, in the face of institutional injustice.

For Story Lovers

My most recommended book. It is a deeply character driven novel with fun loving people dealing with real issues with joy and heart.
A great option for those who like true stories of real people’s lives. An anthology that requires some emotional work, but connects on all the levels.
Trust me on this one. I do not even like zombie books, but the form, writing style and story telling are fantastically engaging.

For Christmas Lovers

You can never go wrong with this short, sweet and comedic book as a gift. It reminds all of us of the true joy of Christmas.
For the person on your list who watches ALL the Lifetime holiday movies. Pick up this gem that tells a grown up love story.
The only classic on our list, but if there is a classic we can both get behind, it’s this one for Christmas. Timeless and always worth the read.

Honorable Mentions

For that more artistic or poetry loving person, this is a great option. Gorman’s voice is accessible and her themes relevant to our time.
For the younger folks on your list or for the older lovers of fantasy who just need a bit of a shake up. Another great family read as well.
Of the church people I know who have read this book, every one enjoyed. It’s an interesting thought experiment on Jesus’ life for the religiously minded on your list.

Hopefully some of these will strike gold for your holiday shopping, but if you are needing more pointed recommendations be sure to check out our page of Book Lists and we are sure there will be something right for you!

Happy Reading!

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