Crooked House

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Crooked House – Agatha Christie

There is a reason that people continue to read and love Agatha Christie mysteries…they are just so good and so much fun to try and figure out!! This is another classic that everyone who loves mystery books should add to their TBR list!

I promise, I will NOT spoil this story with this review so feel free to read on…

Once again, Agatha Christie weaves an intricate and intriguing mystery when the family patriarch dies and it’s determined he has been poisoned. Since he lives in his ‘crooked house’ with various members of his own family (as well as the house staff) there are plenty of suspects for the police to consider. The especially unique element of this story is that it is written from the perspective of the future-husband of one of the suspects and he is neither a policeman nor investigator of any kind. Rather, his father works for Scotland Yard and asks him to get close to the various suspects in order to draw out information which could lead them to the murderer.

As always, Christies’ mystery stories are fun, easy, and a joy to read. 

Read on my friends!

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