Commitment Issues – Episode 1*

*Episode 1 – cause there are gonna be many more posts around my commitment issues…

So apparently Haddi, by popular vote, as officially won our first debate with many of you weighing in that you like and will continue to read only one book at a time.  That is fine.  I can live with that cause like I often have to tell myself, “though I may not get my way, it doesn’t mean I’m not right.”  😉

But in all seriousness…you do you! Read as you like and in the manner that feeds your soul; no shame, no judgement, no benchmarks..for real.  You do you!

Buuuut, since you all had so much to say about that last one…let’s try this debate on for size.

As often happens, I started a book called “Kindred Sisters.” It’s a book for work and I wanted it to be something specific for a women’s retreat I go on every year with the Irreverent Revs (women I went to seminary with) and it just wasn’t hitting.  I mean it wasn’t hitting hard and though I am 100% sure there is some great stuff in this book I just wasn’t feeling it, so I stopped. Yep, I just stopped reading in chapter 2 said, no thanks, not right now and put it back on my shelf.

And friends, this is something Haddi would NEVER DO! This is where her stubbornness brilliantly shines.  For instance: I once told her to read “Le Miserables.” I had picked up an abridged copy from our dad’s shelf and absolutely LOVED it! So Haddi, in all of her one-up Hannah-ness, went out and bought the UNABRIDGED version and read all, like what 1500 pages!!!  She had to stop and start a few times and she complained the whole way through.  I got more than one phone call about it, but seriously when that woman commits…SHE COMMITS!

I do not have this problem. There are so many books in the world and I just don’t feel any obligation to read something that isn’t doing it for me.  I don’t usually judge the book itself for that, but my own current circumstances and head space. Now, to be clear this doesn’t mean I can’t finish a book that isn’t amazing…I have and sometimes I’ve been pleasantly surprised, sometimes not.  I’ll of course read things for a bookclub or another commitment even if they’re not hitting.  I guess it’s in those places that I challenge myself and my reading beyond my usual behavior but in my own choices, I let my whims, desires and current  interests take charge!

What do you say about that Sister!?