Book Review: Fevered Star

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) – Worth It!

In many a fantasy trilogy, book number two struggles to keep the reader engaged as the writer moves the characters into their rightful places for the final resolution in book number three.  Book number one is all about set-up, allowing the reader to fall in love, or hate, with the world, characters and plot and books two will often bear the deepest conflict tearing everyone apart and leaving the reader hanging. Rebecca Roanhorse’s Between Earth and Sky series seems to be following this convention and “Fevered Star,” as book #2 certainly leaves me unresolved but desperate to read book #3.

I have enjoyed everything that Roanhorse has written and “Fevered Star” is no exception.  It is a fast paced fantasy read that deepens the tension and conflict in her world, The Meridian. Like many second books of a trilogy, the partnerships and relationships core to book one are torn apart and every character finds themselves traveling farther away from where they began, usually both geographically as well as emotionally. Roanhorse does start to make deeper connections to the history and mythology of these cultures and world in this book and continues to world-build beautifully.  

This book felt more fractured to me as we jumped from place to place and character to character, yet because of Roanhorse’s writing and storytelling style it wasn’t deeply frustrating.  I was always able to connect quickly to that specific storyline.  This form has never been my favorite, particularly with a wide cast of characters, but it does work here and I understand the form choice because of the story Roanhorse is wishing to tell.

The Meridian continues to be inundated with intrigue and power struggling while individual characters continue to evolve and find themselves through their relationships.  Roanhorse does an amazing job of holding in tension the deeply personal alongside the social political maneuvers. Serapio and Xiala continue to be my favorite even as they split up and Naranpa’s story arch with her brother is incredibly well done and poignant.  Roanhorse had me in tears which rarely happens to me in fantasy novels.

Overall a great read and I am longing for book #3! If you enjoy fast paced fantasy set in a wholly new world formed on the blocks of pre-columbian America.  Give this series a try, it is absolutley worth it!

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