Book Review: Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)– Black Sun

I have fallen in love with Rebecca Roanhorse and she once again delivers an incredible fantasy world based in the indigenous American cultures that leaves you immediately wanting more. With the release of Book #2 in the Between Earth and Sky series, this was a reread for me.  My first review was as follows:

“Oh I liked this one.  I know it sets a lot up for what is to come and yeah, I get a little tired of the intended series thing as well, but oh can Roanhorse spin a yarn.  She is a full on storyteller! I am utterly satisfied yet longing for more at the end of her books.  Her women are some of my favorite literary characters of all time and don’t ask me which one cause I can’t pick.  I look forward to diving further into this incredible world building she has done in pre-columbus America and I am here for it!”

And the second time around was not a letdown.  I was drawn into this world of The Meridian once again and the characters Roanhorse creates.  They are funny, multidimensional people trying to figure out their paths and find friendship, love and hurt along the way. I have yet to be disappointed with Roanhorse, particularly her women and her willingness to bend “the norm” and allow characters freedom in identity and purpose.  

If you like fast paced fantasy where the plot is as much about the character development as the “saving of the world” then you should check out “Black Sun” and the whole Between Earth and Sky series.

Happy Reading!

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