A Tale of the Never Ending Poe

So Haddi finished Great Tales and Poem by Edgar Allan Poe, for the Oct/Nov challenge BEFORE she even wrote her blog….



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I am two stories shy of finishing this book, that yes, I chose (epic eye roll to myself) and I just CAN NOT get myself to actually pick it up and READ it…sigh…

So there it sits beside my chair…unfinished, taunting me and keeping me from reading anything else too.

Here’s the thing, I’m not sure if short stories are just not my jam, or if it’s Poe’s short stories in particular.  By the time I figure out what’s going on in these weird people’s lives, with weird relationship, in the weirdest places, the damn things over! Then I have to start all over again with a whole new set of characters, places, plot, etc. Ugh.  It’s terrible!

BUT! I will not give up on short stories. I think as a genre it has great potential and I am sure, in the hands of a writer I can even remotely comprehend, I would argue short stories soar.  Me and Poe. There is no soaring. This is a plane crash you can’t look away from…

So, my goal: to actually have it done by the end of November. I CANNOT take this book with me into December. It will ruin my Christmas spirit FOR SURE so I will prevail over Poe!

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But please, do not ask me about any of these stories.  I have simply read the words, I do not know what is happening.

Now, even as I suffer through this horrible challenge, I wish you happy reading!

P.S. If you don’t the show these gifs come from you should.  Its called Kim’s Convenience.  If you have Netflix, watch it. You will not be disappointed.