You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria

3 Stars – It’s Okay

Who knew? Apparently, confronting birth order and acknowledging your own inner demons can result in a lovely tale of love, growth and ultimately finding yourself. 

Modern romance has become a palate cleanser in my reading life.  When I have absorbed a bit too much non-fiction or gritier fiction, I turn to romance to get wonderfully lost in pages of heightened dialogue, unique meet-cutes and the intensity of falling in love. Alexis Daria’s “You Had Me at Hola,” was a true escape into the complex world of show business and what it takes to not only fall in love, but build a foundation for a relationship.

The first in Daria’s Primas of Power Series, “You Had Me at Hola,” follows Jasmine and Ashton, daytime tv stars from different soap opera industries whose worlds collide when they take the leading roles in a new show. Both of these characters are enduring and rooted in their history and family. Daria does an incredible job of including the messier realities of their internal and external lives.  Things such as anxiety, birth order, need for validation, post-traumatic stress, family expectations and a whole lot more.  Daria doesn’t have to contort much of the romantic conflict because the characters behave out of their history and coping mechanism in a real, but adult manner. 

For me, “You Had Me at Hola” was a three star book because this type of world, the show biz, soap opera, telenovela universe just doesn’t captivate me. So, as a fantasy it worked, but I just didn’t find myself connecting to the characters and their desires and problems.  With that said, I enjoyed this book, devouring it in a day and a half and I have every intention of reading more of Daria’s work. 

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