Wrappin’ Up a WIN!

That’s right!! I got those last three books done and THEN found a book I never listed on our Book War Battle…so 85 baby!! 85 books in 2019.

Whew! It feels good to beat Haddi again after my defeat in 2018.  Gotta love the feeling of a win…sigh.

Beyond wrapping up this amazing win, I also thought I would do a 2019 book synopsis using Haddi’s categories, so here goes:

Most difficult book to get through: Poe.
Edgar. Allan. Poe and his ridiculous short stories.  I know…I know he’s classic and wonderful, but seriously the most difficult book for me to finish this year. It was my own fault, which I am aware of, but it still was such a struggle.

Most fun book: Storm of Locust by Rebecca Roanhorse.  One of the only sequels I have ever liked more than the original, but you put three kickass women in a book who basically save themselves and their world and I’m in.  It was such a fun read and I can. not. wait. for the next installment…

Most profound book: Becoming Wise by Krista Tippet. I mean it’s kindof in the title, but I found a deep vein of truth and a desperation for the human race to be better which resonates deeply with where I currently reside in life.  There was challenge, affirmation and a profound desire for change that helps lift this to the most profound book I read in 2019.

Worst book: Hands down Hearts of Fire by The Voice of the Martyrs.  It was for our church book club and for that reason I read it, but though it told some truths it was so wrapped up in Christian propaganda that I could barely see straight.  Sometimes we read for others and to share the experience of a good or terrible book with them and for that experience I am grateful, but don’t read this book.

Honorable Mention: This award must go to One Coin Found written by my dear friend Emmy Kegler and edited by my dear friend Lisa Kloskin. With these powerhouse women at the helm of a literary work it has to be good and One Coin Found did not disappoint.

It was a fantastic year of reading and so inspired by another fantastic powerhouse of a woman, Gretchen Rode, I have decided to try for 100 books this year!  I think I can do it. We shall see.

Happy reading everyone and welcome to 2020!

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