I find it interesting (horrifying) how, as human beings, we are willing to accept institutional untruths/lies and manipulation in order to feel safe and in the past few years I have oftentimes wondered how far, we as a society, are willing to allow these false narratives control over our lives. Hugh Howey brings this question and many others into sharp focus in his first novel, Wool. 

Are humans destined to repeat their own history?

Is violent revolution the only answer to corrupt institutional power?

How does one continue after one’s world/truth has been shattered?

How does one fight one’s own complicity in perpetuating untruths?

What is the cost of ‘safety’? Is safety worth the price?

Can human beings ever learn to trust one another and live together in peaceful community?

Howey creates a reality which is completely horrible and believable at the same time. A place where people appear to be living their lives in peace and harmony where everyone strives towards the same goals but underneath it all there is a truth that is almost inconceivable! Howey creates an intriguing world, characters (including women), and story and explores questions about the human condition which resonate in our current social situation. This one hit all of the right notes for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good read!

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