Where to Start – Black Feminist Theory: Book List

Audre Lorde is one of the preeminent voices in the Black Feminist and Black Liberation movement. Sister Outsider is a primer on the visceral, embodied life of Black Feminist Theory and once you read her, you will start to notice all the place Lorde shows up. She is an icon.

Angela Y. Davis’ classic work, Women, Class and Race is currently sitting in my to-be-read pile and I cannot wait to get to it. It along with Lorde is foundational for the ways in which Black Feminists have understood and framed their understanding of the world and their lived reactions to it. Haddi has read it and highly recommends it so this isn’t a completely blind recommendation.

adrienne maree brown’s book holds a deeply personal space in my heart and in my life. If you have ever heard me speak in the last two years adrienne maree brown will surely have come up. She is not the first by any stretch of the imagination, she comes from a long line of thinkers, writers and spiritual influencers but in her writing and specifically in Emergent Strategy you will find language and metaphor for a new way of being in relationship to yourself and the world.

Alexis Pauline Gumbs provides a clear framework for Black Feminist Theory through a devotional like reflections on marine mammals. She writes in the Emergent Strategy series being curated by AKPress and this book offers insight and reflections on ways other animals choose to be in relationship and how we too can choose a richer way of life.

Brittany Cooper offers her deeply personal perspective on life lived in our current American context through the framework of Black Feminist Theory. She speak with an unfiltered truth offering critique that has the power to shift perspective, socially, politically and spiritually if you have the ears to listen.

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