Trying a New Thing

Alrighty Book War readers, Haddi and I are trying a new thing.  Honestly, we are just having fun and expect no one to really watch, but it’s the 21st century and this is how you do it…now. 

So, what is this new thing?  We decided to read the same book and chat about it on Zoom and then offer that to the internet world.  I know.

sadie-youre-welcome-gif ⋆ BYT // Brightest Young Things

Our first book on this new endeavor was The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty and you can find the video below. It’s a good 20 minutes of us having a fun chat about where the book came from, why we read it and what we thought.  There are NO SPOILERS but here’s to hoping it will be engaging and you might even want to give The City of Brass a read by the end.  Enjoy and happy reading!