This is How You Lose the Time War

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) – It’s Okay

There are books that even as you are reading them, you know that at a different time and in a different headspace, the book would be better because you could be more invested. Unfortunately for, “This is How You Lose the Time War” I do not believe I was in the right headspace to fully appreciate the art, form and romance of this story.

I first heard of El-Mohtar and Gladstone’s collaboration from a BookTuber and I was intrigued. The premise of the enemy to lovers trope taken to the nth degree was fascinating to me and to see it play out over a great scope of time through letters was a concept that excited and intrigued me. I then saw it as a recommendation from staff at my local bookstore and took the plunge.  

This three star review demonstrates I am not the least bit sad I read this book even though I don’t believe I was in the best frame of mind to fully enjoy it. I intend to keep this short, intriguing book on my shelf and read it again when I can better appreciate what it has to offer. I enjoyed the characters El-Mohtar and Gladstone created as well as their world building. The book is so brief, much of the world building is subtle and inferred through the voices of our protagonists and their winding relationship through letters to one another.

If this book intrigues or piques your interest at all, I highly recommend it. I look forward to coming back to this book and perhaps reading it in stretched out sittings to be able to more fully appreciate this unique love story.

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