The Year of the Witching

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) The Year of the Witching – Alexis Henderson

Lately, I have been very much enjoying Gothic literature. I love the spooky, dark, ominous feeling of the vaguely unknown (unknowable) and the discovery of the strength and courage one carries within. This book absolutely hit all of these notes while providing an intriguing story and social commentary on the dangers of conformists and restrictive values.

The main protagonist is a young woman who doesn’t quite fit-in due to the circumstances of her birth and she is struggling to figure out if she should live by the rules set out by her social group or if there is something more important out there that’s worth risking breaking the rules. At first she feels that she must pursue her path alone and shuns the help of others but as her journey continues and becomes more dangerous she realizes she must, in fact, trust and count on her friends/family in order to save her community from the dangers that are lurking. Henderson’s character development throughout this book is spot-on and she brings the reader along with Immanuelle as she struggles to find her place, her family, and to save the only people she has ever known. 

While in many ways this book is your standard ‘coming-of-age’ story the Gothic aspects of the story give it a unique setting and feel that is perfect if you’re into spooky, dark, and ominous. This book would be a perfect read on a creepy autumn night in front of a crackling fire! 

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