The Woman They Could Not Silence

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) The Woman They Could Not Silence – Kate Moore

As someone who cannot stop recommending ‘The Radium Girls’ to absolutely everyone who asks me for a book recommendation, I was SO EXCITED when I found Kate Moore’s newest book, ‘The Woman They Could Not Silence’ when I was out book shopping with my sister! I loved Moore’s writing style and focus on the stories of the individual women who worked in the dial factories in ‘Radium Girls’ rather than the focusing on the powerful men surrounding the women (which happens all too often in histories about women). 

Kate Moore, once again focused on the life, experience, and personal and public writings of an historical woman who was brilliant, courageous, and persistent in the face of patriarchal power and assumed supremacy. Elizabeth Packard lived during the mid 19th century and after being married for over 20 yrs. and bearing six children, her husband had her admitted to an asylum even though her only symptom was disagreeing with his religious ideals. 

Moore goes on to tell Elizabeth’s story while in the asylum and the work she did to push legislature to end husbands’ complete control (ownership) of his wife in the eye of the law. Elizabeth’s story is full of emotional ups and downs, moments when she is certain she can trust someone only to be devastated later when she is betrayed, all the while missing her children and wondering if she will ever see them again. Moore pulls the reader into Elizabeth’s life and crusade until the very end! 

I highly recommend this book to everyone! It’s so well written, researched, and intriguing you will never be disappointed! I also recommend ‘The Radium Girls’ by Kate Moore…so GOOD! 

Read on my friends!

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