The Weapons of 2018

Some people make new year’s resolutions about eating better or exercising more, and in my line of work I find folks who want to pray more, come to church more.  That’s all fine and dandy, really it is, but for me….

I make new year’s resolutions about BOOKS.

Last January, for whatever reason, I decided if I wanted to call myself an “avid reader” that meant I had to average at least one book a week for the year.  Now this is perhaps the most arbitrary definition of “avid reader” ever concocted, but it was mine and it did helped me reach 59 books this year…and yes, I’m a little miffed I missed 60 by 1, but I am not gonna cheat…at least not this year…

So, as December came to a close, I OF COURSE came up with some new 2018 reading goals:

  1. Beat Haddi bloody…AGAIN in 2018
  2. Read the books I HAVE.  I have three stacks still from 2017 purchasing (this picture is for real folks and they are just the books ON MY DRESSER)! So it’s time to read what I got…
  3. Listen to at least 2 Audible books a month.  YES! Audible books TOTALLY count and don’t even try to tell me they don’t. Just don’t.
  4. Only buy books by authors of color.  This one comes from a new found realization that my economic power can make a difference in this world and if I say that I am an ally, if I am a believer in the power and beauty of diversity and a promoter of a wide range of authors…then I gotta put my money where my mouth is and not just buy whatever is the publishing world’s “hot new book,” or “great classic” both of which tend to be written, edited and marketed to and through the white lens.

Now if that last one just got you a little warm under the collar or made you squirm a bit in your seat, THAT’S ALRIGHT! It really really is…just don’t bug out on me.  I am going to say A LOT about race, politics, humanity, religion and yes even sex throughout this year because those are the things that interest me.  AND because seriously, no one taught me any better…as Haddi can attest, all of those topics were and still are regular Bergstrom family dinner conversation.  So, my hope is that these places of discomfort challenge you just as they challenge me.  We are in this together.

So with my weapons lined up, my plan in place and a full arsenal of books locked and loaded, I am ready! Let’s battle it out for title of greatest bibliomaniac 2018!