The Undertakers by Nicole Glover – A Brief Review

3 Stars – It’s Okay!

The Undertakers (Murder & Magic #2) – Nicole Glover

After reading the first of Nicole Glover’s Murder & Magic novels, The Conductors, I was excited  to pick up the second in the series, The Undertakers. This series is a unique mixture of post Civil War Philadelphia, magic, mystery, and crime investigation. As a resident of the Philadelphia area, I especially appreciate Glover’s use of real Philadelphia places, streets, and neighborhoods. 

The main characters/investigators, Hetty and Benji have a complicated relationship which Glover explains in flash-back chapters throughout the series. The flash-back chapters also provide details on the motivations of the main characters while establishing the methods and uses for magic in Glover’s world. Unfortunately, I found the explanations of magic vague and it was not always clear how magic worked or the purpose of sigils (which are a key component of magic in this world). 

I love a good mystery and having a magical element makes it just that much more fun. Glover writes interesting and complex characters while weaving an interesting and unpredictable mystery. I look forward to reading book #3!! 



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