The Margaret Beaufort Chronicles: by Judith Arnopp

Not to worry, this is not a Valentine’s Day blog post but I couldn’t pass up using a red and white rose image for this post because Margaret Beaufort was a key player in the Wars of the Roses in 15th century England!

This is a three book historical fiction chronicle written by Judith Arnopp following the life of Lady Margaret Beaufort of England. Lady Margaret lived during the Wars of the Roses in the 15th century and was instrumental in the events which led to the downfall of the House of York and the rise of her own dynasty, the House of Tudor.

In the first book in the series, The Beaufort BrideArnopp reveals the early years of this formidable woman’s life. As a young girl Margaret was betrothed but the betrothal was quickly annulled and she married a young man named Edmound Tudor. At the tender age of 13 Margaret gave birth to her only child, Henry Tudor only a few months after the unexpected death of her husband. From this point on Margaret’s life focuses around becoming the Lady Mother of the King.

The second book, The Beaufort Womanchronicles Margaret’s life at court as she fights, schemes, and eventually achieves her dream of becoming the Lady Mother of the King.

The third and final book, The King’s Motheris Margaret’s story as the Lady Mother of the King. She was a trusted advisor, capable politician, and important benefactor of institutions of higher education in the court of her son, King Henry VII.

Arnopp’s research was very well done and she does an excellent job of weaving history with fiction to create an engaging story. If you enjoy historical fiction and/or English history I would recommend this series. It is well written and researched as well as being an interesting perspective on the Wars of the Roses.

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