The final push!!

Honestly, I cannot believe that after 10 months The Book War is tied and now we’re in the final push to the finish line. And by finish line I simply mean the end of the year because you all know that this war will continue for the rest of our lives! #sisterlife

Like Hannah, I too am committing to reading books that I actually want to pick up and read for the rest of the year. Of course, I am still constantly reading my theology, religion, and history texts for my classes but what I pick up on the weekend and at night when I’m sitting in bed will be enjoyable stories that keep my attention and that I look forward to reading. I have also discovered that I can listen to audio books when I’m walking around campus as well as during my morning/afternoon commutes so I am hoping to keep my numbers up by listening to books on top of my regular reading.

Working in academia, I spent more time than most reading. I read books, articles, primary text sources, academic papers, as well as students’ papers and sometimes the joy of reading gets lost in the volume of reading I am ‘required’ to do everyday. So while I think it is essential to read books that challenge me and force me to confront my own prejudice/racism/sexism/etc. I also NEED to read for fun. So from now until the end of the year, all of my reading outside of school will be my go-to genres, mystery, historical fiction, and my Christmas books (which I read every year)! I am super excited to end the year enjoying my reading and we’ll have to wait and see if my motivation is sufficient to over-take Hannah in the final push to the (sort-of) finish line!!

Read on my friends!