The Devil and the Dark Water

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) The Devil and the Dark Water – Stuart Turton

I am a lover of (almost) all mystery writing but I absolutely adore historical mysteries that take place in interesting times and places. This mystery primarily plays out on an old shipping boat and the author does a great job of setting the scene for the ‘other-worldly’ occurrences which baffle and frighten the passengers and crew. 

I was pleasantly surprised that given the time period in which the story takes place, the author included a number of primary female characters who had stories of their own and were not simply inserted into the narrative as ‘throw away’ women characters. These women had back stories and personal motives which were unveiled as the story proceeded and they play important parts within the story itself as the passengers attempt to ‘solve’ the mystery of the haunted ship. 

Stuart Turton weaves a complicated and interesting mystery of hauntings, people coming back to life, mysterious phantom ships, strange animal deaths, and murder. I enjoyed reading this strange tale and plan to re-gift my copy this Christmas and I hope the lucky recipient enjoys it as much as I did. 

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