The Cup of Our Life by Joyce Rupp

If the daily practice of holding a steaming cup of coffee or tea appeals to you, this might be the spiritual guide book for you! 

“The Cup of Our Life” takes the reader on a six week spiritual journey using the metaphor of the simplest of things, a cup. Intended to be used either individually or in a group, Rupp offers a daily rhythm that feeds the soul as the hands hold a cup.

At the beginning of this book, this spiritual journey, I wasn’t sure how the cup imagery and metaphor would hold up through six weeks.  I was pleasantly surprised that in each week’s iterations, I found connection, fresh content and relevant reflection.  Rupp moves the reader through a variety of experiences of God as symbolized by the cup and each resonated and informed the previous.  She also offers an Integration and Review day once a week, which served as a Sabbath for me and allowed grace within this established rhythm. I appreciated the many daily tools provided such as a Breath Prayer, Scripture, Journal Prompts, etc. as they allowed me to build my own space and practice each day.

Spiritual growth books can be hit or miss depending on where you are in life, but Rupp provided a guided intentional time to look inward and towards your relationship with God/Divine/Universe/etc.  I was able to take 30 minutes of each day to pause, breathe, pray and connect, grounding me in the ever changing currents I experienced in these first cold Minnesota months of 2022.   

Happy Reading!

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