The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway – Una McCormack

This book is for all of the Star Trek: Voyager fans out there!! I highly recommend listening to this book as it is read by Kate Mulgrew and it honestly feels like Captain Janeway is reading her own memoir, it’s fantastic! 

My husband and I listened to this book on a recent road trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario and it was the perfect book for our drive. We have both watched all of the Star Trek series, multiple times, and both of us have come to truly appreciate Voyager over the years. Captain Janeway is probably one of the BEST Star Fleet captains in my, not so humble, opinion. 😉 She was written beautifully in the show and to have Kate Mulgrew read her memoir was a real treat. 

This book is certainly ‘fan fiction’ but Una McCormack makes it feel ‘real’ in the sense that she fills in the missing details of Janeway’s life while incorporating the details that are ‘known’ from the TV series. This memoir tells the life story of Kathryn Janeway from growing up on a farm outside of Bloomington, Indiana, to her experience as a Star Fleet cadet at the academy and then her posts on Star Fleet ships prior to becoming the Captain of Voyager and beyond. 

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book and while it’s probably not for everyone (non-Trekkies probably won’t appreciate it much) it’s an absolute MUST for Star Trek fans and Voyager fans in particular! And definitely listen to this one, if you can! Absolutely worth it! 

“Live long and read on my friends!”

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