The Armor of 2018

If Hannah is blogging about weapons then it seems only right that I should blog about armor…this is a battle after all.

Per her usual, Hannah has beautifully thought out and eloquent goals/resolutions concerning her reading for 2018. Needless to say, no goals, resolutions, or eloquence here. Here’s my strategy to win this battle:

  1. Read 100 pages per day. (Lofty I know, but I think I can manage it!)
  2. Attempt to read more than one book at a time. This is something that in general I do not like doing, but if I am going to keep up with Hannah I will have to up my game and break out of my comfort zone…so gonna try. I am thinking my second book will always be a ‘classic’ so I can keep up with my classic lit. without sacrificing the modern authors I want to read.

Like I promised, no eloquence here, just a few simple strategies to keep me in the game! Wish me luck!