Reading Round Up – 2021 (part 1)

Hellooooooooo! I have been quite silent…for like 6 months, but it certainly isn’t because I don’t have opinions on books, am I right??? 

Well anyway, luckily for you all, Haddi and I took a bit of time in early January to reflect on our reading from 2021.  Which!  We recorded and now have edited for your delightful viewing pleasure.  Now, as will come as no surprise, we talked A LOT.  I mean, we really do love to hear the sound of our own voices, so split the video into to parts…you’re welcome.

Part 1 consists of our the following categories:

  • Favorite Fiction
  • Favorite Non-fiction
  • Least favorite read
  • Would recommend
  • Would not recommend
  • Glad to have read, but probably won’t again

In the video description you can find the book titles listed out with timestamps if you want to skip to specific books discussed.  Part 2 will be coming soon and will include a bunch of honorable mentions and a few statistics on our 2021 reading. I will be removing our many diatribes that came that late in our Zoom chat as well ;). 

Part 1 isn’t a short watch, but hopefully you will find some books to add to your 2022 and perhaps a few to avoid.  

Happy reading everyone!
Hannah and Haddi