Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) – It’s Worth It!

Reading so often leads to more reading which is perhaps why it is one of my favorite pastimes. I reserved Natalie Baszile’s “Queen Sugar” from the library after completing her non-fiction anthology “We Are Each Other’s Harvest” about Black farmers in the United States currently and historically and I completed “Queen Sugar” in three days which doesn’t happen too often anymore. 

“Queen Sugar” is a story of family, land, and how we are affected and transformed by generational trauma and love. Going into this novel, I knew Baszile’s intent as I she had written about it from a few different angles in “We Are Each Other’s Harvest” but I was surprised by the depth of place that rose to the surface and the ease found in the storytelling itself. Baszile prided herself on creating the place, this southern Louisiana community and I easily slid into the characters’ worlds she created. There is an ease, a “slowed-down-ness” that comes with reading this novel that I am not sure I have experienced before, even as I raced through the pages wondering how it would all end. 

I so enjoyed reading this book. Baszile’s writing worked for me as a reader and I loved the various dynamics Charley had with the characters from her family, to her business partners and eventually to a new love interest as well. I highly recommend picking it up and giving it a chance if “Queen Sugar” appeals to you in any way, I do not think you will be disappointed.

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