Productive Procrastination


It’s a real thing.

Never heard of it before? Well it’s a habit I (and many others) cultivated over a lifetime of projects and adulting.  For me it was sometime in my first year of teaching when I remember first using the term “productive procrastination” as I would do just about anything other than get those grades finalized and turned in. And apparently (though I did kindof think I did) I didn’t term this all by myself (or at all), you simply have to google it to get the definition, cause it’s a real thing).  (I just googled that for you…you’re welcome).

So productive procrastination is the habit of having something that needs to get done, but in not wanting to do said thing, choosing to do many other tasks that also need to get done.  My go-to productive procrastination tasks are those small things that piled up, like the dishes or paying the bills, picking up the house or vacuuming.  But every once in a while and particularly when the task I am procrastinating is larger, the productive items that “just have to get done” are also larger and require more time. Things like reworking my budget, going through my wardrobe, or organizing the basement.

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You get the idea.

We put off tasks that are eating at the edge of our consciousness with a smorgasbord of other tasks that up until now life has been happy to let pass on by, but all of a sudden just have to get done.  Yep! Productive procrastination is a real thing and I am currently finding myself productively procrastinating our September challenge book, with other books.

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I want to be fair to the book Haddi challenged me to read.  The Defiant Life of Vera Figner sounds amazingly interesting and I even read through the introduction and first chapter and was completely captivated, so I am not really sure why I am being so weird about picking that particular book up.  But ever since the gauntlet was thrown down I find myself justifying reading just about anything else.

I had started a series of fantasy novels by J.A. Andrews and of course I needed to finish those before I dived into Vera.  And then I was at my brothers the other weekend and he had more books from a series of graphic novels that I enjoy.  So obviously, I brought those home and finished those before I could focus on Vera. So there sits Vera, one chapter in and ready to be read as the last full week of September begins.

But it’s going to be okay, because I have a plan.

This weekend I plan to get a good couple of hours each day to dedicate to reading and then next week it will be all Vera all the time.  I can do this and get Vera read in the next 10 days right?

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So wish me luck and happy reading everyone!

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The Graphic Novels were #4-7 of Legend of Drizzet.  I didn’t write a review for each of these…seemed like too much work.

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