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If this is your first time visiting The Book War, welcome! Be sure to visit the ‘About Us‘ page for a quick introduction to Hannah and myself and this crazy thing called ‘The Book War!’

If you’ve been on this journey with us over the past few years, thank you for sticking it out, and welcome to our new home page! As Hannah and I continue to ‘battle’ for reading supremacy we will endeavor to regularly update you all on our progress, provide witty and interesting book reviews and articles, as well as create and post phenomenal book lists so you’re never left wondering what book to pick up next!  

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First Book Giveaway in 2024!

Enter our February 2024 book giveaway by emailing thebookwar2@gmail.com with the name of your favorite read of 2023. We will be taking entries through the end of the month and announcing a winner in early March.

Let us know what you loved reading in 2023 and you’ll be entered to win!

Latest and Greatest at The Book War

Our Latest Book List in honor of
Black History Month & Valentine’s Day

A couple of Sunday evenings each month, Hannah and I get together on IG Live to discuss what we’ve been reading, what’s going on in the book world, and which books we’re looking forward to picking up. This year, we’ve decided that one BiblioTalk each month will be devoted to a discussion about a particular genre. In January we each read a Literary fiction book, in February we are reading Memoir/Biography, March is Historical Fiction…you get the idea. This is a great way for us to read ‘outside of our boxes’ and expand our reading ‘palettes,’ so-to-speak. So, if you’ve ever considered trying some new genres, join our BiblioTalks Live or visit www.thebookwar.com and click the link to our latest BiblioTalk to hear all about our adventures into different and unfamiliar genres and decide for yourself if you’re ready to take the risk! 😉 

Additionally, a couple times a year we will have a ‘Soap Box’ episode of BiblioTalk during which we will carry-on about things that make us nuts in books! We would love to have you join us and tell us your pet-peeves. Mark your calendar for Sunday, March 3 at 7pm CST (8pm EST) for the first episode!