Black Love Stories

In honor of both Black History Month as well as it being Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d put together a list of Black Love Stories. This is a diverse list of love stories including family, queer, mythological and more. They cover a wide range of genres as well, so there should be something for everyone this February. Each book has been written by a Black author and either Haddi or Hannah has read and recommends these love stories.

Queer Love

A look at the love found and lived between two men in the Deep South during antebellum America.
A YA read that dives deep into the emotional experience of love and life

Non-Fiction Recommendations

A non-fiction read centering personal pleasure for the sake of a new and different world
A father’s love letter to his son as he comes of age as a black man in America

Love in Fantasy

An award winning fantasy trilogy about a mother’s love and what she’ll risk for her children
A YA fantasy love story in the more traditional sense of enemies to lovers romance

Modern Romance

A great series you won’t regret reading if you like a romance with the twist of modern life & characters
Jasmine Guillory delivers for me when I want a quick, fun and easy romance read

Miscellaneous Mentions

Romantic sampling of short stories on love and life
A brief but powerful treatise on honest whole-hearted love
Two sisters blogging and sharing reviews and opinions about every type of book all year round.

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