Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron: A Graphic Novel

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5) – Meh

I love a graphic novel or a young reader version of most books. They get to the point quickly, effectively and in the case of nonfiction, usually help me see the wider picture. But after reading Julia Quinn’s “Miss. Butterworth and the Mad Baron: A Graphic Novel” I think there are some limits to the genre’s ability to translate.

Perhaps that’s actually the issue. This graphic novel felt like a novel that unfortunately wasn’t enhanced by the graphic form. I’m still not sure what the point was of telling this particular story in this way. As a lover of graphic novels and longing for them to be taken seriously as books, Quinn’s foray into a newly recognized genre, felt more like a gimmick than an honest desire to explore the power of this genre.

The art was good. It’s not my particular taste as I prefer subtle and introspective emotionality and plot supporting illustration. This art is reminiscent of comic books’, over the top facial expressions, slapstick humor and body manipulation. It is done well and the color palette is exquisite though again not exactly my personal taste.

Honestly, it just wasn’t for me. I have given hours of my life binging the Bridgerton Series, but this graphic novel just left me cold. If you love Bridgerton and/or Julia Quinn and haven’t ever read a graphic novel, this might be a good place for you to start. It wasn’t my cup of tea (pun intended) but it also takes about an hour to read, so investment is small.

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