God, Feminism and the Fierceness of Women

It all started with a snarky comment made by a senior seminarian during my first year at Luther.  He drew a line in the sand about how we can/should only use masculine pronouns and images for God.

Now, if you who know me, you know how much I just love hard and fast rules (nod, nod..wink, wink).  If someone draws a line, out of pure spite and because I’m not a fan of ultimatums in any form, I’m gonna push right past that line and I did.  For Lent that spring, I gave up masculine images and language for God.  It was profound.  I’ve never been able to say thank you to that senior, not really sure I would, but unbeknownst to him his hard line comment cracked open God, my faith and my future in a completely new and awe-filled way.

I feel in love with God, my faith and the struggles of faithful women that Lent and beyond. I embarked on and was exposed to women, theologians and peers who resonated with the feminine side of God and who were longing for better, more thoroughly flushed out stories and interpretations of God and the feminine biblical witness.

In reading Fierce: Women of the Bible and Their Stories of Violence, Mercy, Bravery, Wisdom, Sex, and Salvation I was wonderfully reminded of those early passionate conversations and disagreements in class or after worship.  It was the hard and beautiful work of better understanding our own beliefs about the expansiveness of God and the fierceness of the women whose stories were entombed in our biblical witness and yet have not had their fullest stories honored.

If you have never embarked on the journey to dive deeper into the many truths and good news women have to tell you, read Fierce. Read it now!  If you have indulged such a path through your church, study or friendships then this book is a fantastic resource and affirmation.  It is an accessible book that had me pumping my fist and saying, “hell yeah!” Connor affirmed and articulated beautifully the power, prestige and purpose these women had in the story of God’s relationship with humanity and continue to have in our faith journeys.

Happy Reading!

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