First Quarter Update

Three months into 2019 and Hannah and I are neck-to-neck in the Book War. As of this post, Hannah has read 23 books and I have read 24 books, so basically we’re both on pace to reach 100 books read this year…but December is a long way off and who knows what could happen between now and then.

It seems these first three months of 2019 I have been in a ‘I’m going to read to learn’ mood. The vast majority of myย  books were history, theology, or some combination thereof. In all fairness, some of those books were required reading for the class I’m teaching this semester but the rest I just decided I wanted to read. Apparently, ‘mood reading’ is a real thing. But, as the weather warms up and the sun is shining more, I am starting to feel my reading mood change.

Spring and summer have always been a time for fun, sun, traveling, and family for me and I find it difficult to read heavy, intense books when I’m busy traveling and beach going. So, as the season changes I too, feel the need to change up my reading. Stay tuned to see what comes up on my book list over the next few months and feel free to change up your reading picks if you’re getting tired, bored, or just feel like making a change with the season. Read something you’ve always wanted to read but never got around to, or try something that you’d normally never pick up (just for fun) who knows?…maybe you’ll find a new ‘love of your life!’

If you read something that you love, please share it with the FB group, it’s awesome hearing your reading stories!

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The Book War


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