Feelin’ the Pressure Sis?

So a little birdie…okay Leonel, because I call him every Sunday when I’m on silent retreat, just like my dad called my mom when we little (don’t worry it’s from a locked car, so I don’t disrupt anyone else’s silence) so there is no excuse, Haddi, for not knowing this was going to happen…

Okay back to the birdie thing…

A little birdie told me that my wonderful, kind, supportive sister was throwing some kinda shade at me on Facebook while I am in no position to defend myself!!! I mean can you believe this woman?  Classy Sis.  Real classy.

Now, I know Haddi, you are feeling the pressure.  And it must be hard coming in last…again.  And now, looking down the barrel at a fall semester full of classes you could have, you should have just taken this opportunity to concede Battle 2018, as I am 100% sure I am gonna win…once again…and defend my 2017 title.  But instead, you went ahead and threw me under the bus.  RUDE.

Well folks, just to clarify NINETEEN of those 21 books I listed in my previous post, were read prior to my silent retreat because I actually do what I’m supposed to here, which is – you know…find satisfaction and meaning in simply existing in God’s good creation – or something along those lines.

Anyway, all this to say. I’m coming for you Sis and I’m not taking prisoners so….


Oh, excuse the yelling and as always “Happy Reading Everyone!”