Challenge Accepted

We got ourselves a challenge within a challenge folks!!!

Oh yeah, I will totally accept Sis, for two reasons: 1) Cause you made it…so to not would look weak and sad soooooo….not gonna do that and 2) Cause I really need some motivation to set aside some time and write!!! I long to be better at this blog. It’s like that hobby you have, you know the one, scrapbooking, bike riding, knitting, etc. where you buy all the things and you keep buying all the things even though you never actually do the hobby.  Yeah, it’s like that and it needs to stop.

So here we go!

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I choose to read for September: The Defiant Life of Vera Figner because I have no idea who she is and I am intrigued.  Reminder: Haddi you have to send me the book (I promise not to write in it) because I am not buying books (cough, cough) this year…

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And now for your September challenge.  Yes, I did consider poetry.  Yes, I did look at my graphic novels (not manga) and what you might actually enjoy reading….but I decided to be a little nicer for this first time out and I will also give you two options.

Both novels, both would classify in the science fiction category. BUT because I love you, they are both written by women and they both have theological bents to them which I think you will find fascinating.  So, YOU ARE WELCOME!

You may chose from:
1) Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower

2) Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow

I believe you will thoroughly enjoy either!

Happy reading sister and here’s to actually blogging on our blog…(clink, clink goes the glasses).

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